Japan America Society of Vermont

Matsuri 2017 at Saint Michael's College on March 26th

JASV sincerely thanks all the performers, booth participants and volunteers who helped make Matsuri such a success. Thank you very much!


There was an error about the family admission fee. It should have been $20.00 instead of $25.00. JASV membership is $25.00. So, we will take the following two alternative actions.

1. We are happy to refund your $5.00 overpayment. Please let info@jasv.org know your name and address.

2. Alternatively, we are very happy to register you as a JASV family member. Please let info@jasv.org know your name and address.

We are very sorry for such an error!

Best Regards,

Toshiharu Saitoh, President, JASV

Urgent Request:

Makiko Damon, a Japanese woman who is a single mother with two children and lives in Montpelier, is in a critical health condition. The details are in, https://www.youcaring.com/makiko-damon-501471#.Vqa0vZWi5Vm.mailto

The JASV will appreciate it if you could help Makiko and her two children with donation through the above website. And please share/ forward this request with anyone in the community.

JASV Organizational Notes:

The JASV Board Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month - 6:30 pm. The JASV board meetings are in the JASV office at 123 Ethan Allen Avenue, Suite 306. Colchester. All are welcome.

The JASV Facebook page is a community space for JASV members and friends. If you are a participant in Facebook, visit our page at http://facebook.com/jasv.org; click "like" to include our postings on your Facebook wall.

If you would like to receive updates on the JASV calendar by email, you can join our Yahoo mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jasv/ or by sending email request to info@jasv.org.


Consulate-General of Japan in Boston website
in English language at http://www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp/
or Japanese language at http://www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp/ja/   
Telephone: 617-973-9772.

If you know of any Japan-related events in Vermont, please send them to JASV at info@jasv.org.