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Mr. Coffrin Passed Away

Recently we at the JASV received some sad news. Mr. Peter S. Coffrin passed away. He was only 73 years old. His biography and accomplishments during his life were published in the Free Press Obituary section,

https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/burlingtonfreepress/obituary.aspx?n=peter-s- coffrin&pid=196644778

(From Free Press Obituaries) He was the first president of the Japan America Society of Vermont and the JASV wouldn't have existed without his efforts. We send our sincere condolences to his family. He is worrying about us even after he has passed away. We are very grateful that he left his wish that donations be made in lieu of flowers. Thank you very much!!!

We are currently working to set up the on-line donation process, but in the meantime please send your checks to

    The Japan America Society of Vermont
    180 Flynn Avenue, (Mail Box #5)
    Burlington, VT 05401

Thank you very much!
The Japan America Society of Vermont
August 21, 2020

Greetings from the Japan America Society of Vermont

Happy New Year!!! With your great help we at the JASV accomplished all of our planned activities and happily closed 2019. (Please look at the JASV Website, Sub-directory, Chiisai Shinbun Newsletter for details.) Thank you very much!!!

We believe that all of you welcomed in a happy new year of 2020. We at the JASV, however, welcomed the year of 2020 with a big challenge, probably the biggest challenge we ever experienced since the JASV was established in 1983. We had to move out of our office from the Saint Micheal's College campus at the end of 2019. On December 18, we moved to a new location,

    The Japan America Society of Vermont
    180 Flynn Avenue, (Mail Box #5)
    Burlington. VT 05401

We sincerely appreciate the SMC's great support up to now of lending our office room with no charge. At the same time, we started having a headache to pay a rent of $3,600 per year for the new office. The JASV is a 100 percent volunteer non-profit organization. It is almost impossible to add making such a big amount of money to our goal of fostering good understanding and relations between Vermonters and Japanese. We need to look for a generous supporter like SMC. The rent will be a subject of tax reduction for the room lender. Thank you for your help to find a generous room lender!!!

Japan America Society of Vermont

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