Japan America Society of Vermont

Japan America Society of Vermont will present Matsuri 2017 on March 26th, 2017 at the Ross Sports Center in Saint Michael's College.


                                                     Center Stage Events

                                                        Masters of Ceremonies:
                                                            Nicole Rohrig, Hannah Batchelder

                     11:00 Opening with the National Anthems of Japan and The USA
                                  University of Vermont, Trumpets (A.J. Banach & Larry Solt),
                                  Horn (Lauren Rayson), Trombone (Mei Endo), Tuba (Yutaka Kono)
                     11:10 Opening Remarks
                                 Rokuichiro Michii, Consul General of Japan in Boston
                                 Patrick J. Gallivan, Vice President of Saint Michael's College 
                                 Christy Bahr, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
                                 Toshiharu Saitoh, President of Japan America Society of Vermont
                     11:30 Koto Performance
                                 Kyoko Davis, Middlebury College,
                                 Mutsumi Corson, University of Vermont
                                 Michiko Oishi, Champlain College
                     11:55 Nihon Buyo, Japanese Traditional Dance
                                 Katelyn Hudson, Jean-Marie Mallichamp, Barb Lindberg, Jackie Milton,
                                 Genny Mathieu, Niquette Bergeron, and Vicki Milton 
12:20 Noh Dance, Kiyotsune
                                Takashi Yamamura from Osaka, Japan
                     12:45 Taiko Performance
                                Burlington Taiko (Stuart Paton Shisho)
                     1:25 Aikido/Iaido Demonstration
                                Aikido of Champlain Valley and Vermont Aikido
                     1:55 Sing & Dance Performance  
                                Essex High School
                     2:15 Karate Demonstration
                                Karate Association of Vermont
                     2:20 Door Prize Drawing (Kihachiro Umezaki, JASV)
                     2:30 Midd-Rangers (Hero Show) Episode 17: A St. Michael's
                                Middlebury College     
                     2:55 Japanese Speech
                              Tara Ditch and Lisa Carter, JASV's Japanese Language Class
                     3:20 Bon Odori - Japanese Folk Dance
                              All participants, led by Yukari Dougherty (Essex High School)
                              Essex H.S., Middlebury College, Burlington Taiko, - -
                     3:45 Door Prize Drawing (Kihachiro Umezaki, JASV)
                     3:55 Zen Archery Performance
                              Vermont Kyudo
                     4:20 Finale by Taiko
                              University of Vermont Taiko Club
                     4:35 Door Prize Drawing (Kihachiro Umezaki, JASV)
                     4:45 Closing Remarks (Matthew Carter, Vice-President, JASV)
                     4:50 Closing with Trumpet (Larry Solt, Former President, JASV)

One-day Consulate 一日総領事館

At Matsuri '17 the Consulate General of Japan in Boston will organize a "One-day Japanese Consulate" at the venue, Saint Michael's College Sports Center. Following are the invitation details. Please click, http://www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_ja/r_one_day_Vermont.html

You will be able to pick up a Japanese passport or certificate there if you submit an application for each business to the Consulate no later than March 15, 2017. Please email or call the consulate beforehand.

Consulate General of Japan in Boston: TEL 617-973-9772   EMAIL consulate@bz.mofa.go.jp

Financial Support for Noh Dance Performance at Matsuri '17

We are very happy to announce that the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership will be supporting a large percentage of the expense of a Noh performer invitation to Matsuri '17.

Mr. Takashi Yamamura from Japan will perform "Kiyotsune" dance on stage and will open a workshop in his booth.

Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Corporation will be donating ice cream to serve the Matsuri '17 audience. It will be served at the Ben & Jerry's booth at the venue. First come first served. We appreciate their generosity.

日本語クラスのご案内 (Spring 2017 )



時間:10 : 45 am ~11 : 45 am  


時間:9 : 30 am ~10 : 30 am  


* 限られたクラス編成のため、クラス内の年齢層に多少の幅が見られること、また生徒の日本語レベルに多少の差があることをご了承ください。
* 授業料は初回クラスにて一括でお支払いください。チェックの場合、宛名は Japan America Society of Vermontでお願いいたします。
* 授業を欠席される場合の授業料の払い戻しはありませんのでご了承下さい。
* 1クラスの生徒数が4人に満たない場合、基本的にクラスは成立しません。 ただし、4人以下でも申し込み者一致で希望された場合、成立させることが可能です。
サインアップ、お問合せは、カーター政子までお知らせください。 mtcarter77@gmail.com

なお、お申し込みは2017 年4月9日(日)をもって締め切りとさせていただきます。

Urgent Request:

Makiko Damon, a Japanese woman who is a single mother with two children and lives in Montpelier, is in a critical health condition. The details are in, https://www.youcaring.com/makiko-damon-501471#.Vqa0vZWi5Vm.mailto

The JASV will appreciate it if you could help Makiko and her two children with donation through the above website. And please share/ forward this request with anyone in the community.

JASV Organizational Notes:

The JASV Board Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month - 6:30 pm. The JASV board meetings are in the JASV office at 123 Ethan Allen Avenue, Suite 306. Colchester. All are welcome.

The JASV Facebook page is a community space for JASV members and friends. If you are a participant in Facebook, visit our page at http://facebook.com/jasv.org; click "like" to include our postings on your Facebook wall.

If you would like to receive updates on the JASV calendar by email, you can join our Yahoo mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jasv/ or by sending email request to info@jasv.org.


Consulate-General of Japan in Boston website
in English language at http://www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp/
or Japanese language at http://www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp/ja/   
Telephone: 617-973-9772.

If you know of any Japan-related events in Vermont, please send them to JASV at info@jasv.org.