Coffrin Memorial Fund

The Japan America Society of Vermont is honored to administer the Coffrin Memorial Fund, a small charitable fund established in 2021 by his family to honor the memory of Mr. Peter Coffrin, a United States citizen from Burlington, Vermont, who passed away on Aug 6, 2020 at the age of only 73 years old. His biography and accomplishments during his life were published in the Free Press Obituary section, coffrin&pid=196644778

(From Free Press Obituaries)
He was the first president of the Japan America Society of Vermont and the JASV wouldn't have existed without his efforts. We send our sincere condolences to his family. He is worrying about us even after he has passed away. We are very grateful that he left his wish that donations be made in lieu of flowers to the JASV and make his memorial fund in the JASV. The Peter Coffrin Memorial Fund provides supplemental travel scholarship awards to assist Vermont students to study in Japanese school(s) or equivalent organization(s) in Japan. Due to the limited size of the fund, the award will not exceed $500.00.

The application process requires submission of:

  • A nominating letter from an applicant's school teacher/professor or established program sponsor who knows the applicant well
  • A letter from the applicant that describes his or her interests and intents of the applicant's study in Japan
  • A brief statement of need
  • Documentation evidencing acceptance in an established program

Applications should be sent to:

    Attention: The Japan America Society of Vermont
    C/O: Toshi Saitoh, 1 Concord Green, South Burlington, VT 05403

Additional queries can be made via the same address above or via email to

Please allow 60 days for the processing of applications

When awarded, she or he is requested to provide the travel summary to JASV after the travel is completed.